Empower Plus Program

Unlocking potential, one skill at a time, with Empower plus

Imagine those moments when you wished for your child’s handwriting to be neater, for effortless mental math skills, or for mastering their spelling. Could their work be more organized? When will they learn to do their homework independently? Could they develop efficient study habits? Rather than waiting for these skills to magically appear, we introduce Empower Plus – an affordable and time-efficient class dedicated to addressing these educational gaps. At Empower Learning, we believe in actively working on and developing essential skills that often go overlooked. Empower Plus is the key to unlocking your child’s potential, bridging these gaps, and ensuring a strong foundation for academic success.

What is Empower Plus?

Unlocking potential, one skill at a time, with Empower plus

Empower Plus is a comprehensive program tailored to empower young minds and enhance their academic excellence. We focus on several critical areas, including:

1. Mental Math Skills: We make math engaging and fun, boosting your child’s math confidence through enhanced mental math abilities.

2. Spelling Mastery: We employ innovative techniques to transform your child into a spelling whiz.

3. Creative Writing: We nurture your child’s creativity, turning writing into an enjoyable and expressive outlet.

4. Organizational Skills: We teach your child the art of presenting work neatly and in an organized manner.

5. Effective Study Techniques:Our program equips your child with valuable tips and tricks for better retention.

6. Good Study Habits: We help your child develop a consistent routine for revising classwork and assignments, promoting academic success.

What Sets Us Apart?

– Comprehensive Approach:Empower Plus covers a wide range of skills, ensuring your child is well-rounded in their academic pursuits.

– Experienced Instructors: Our dedicated instructors are experienced in their respective fields, providing the best guidance.

–  Timing: We offer a 1.5-hour class on Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 12 PM, making it convenient for busy families.

Join Us on Saturdays!

Empower your child with the tools they need to excel academically. Enroll them in the Empower Plus program and witness their growth. Our Saturday classes are the perfect opportunity to bridge educational gaps, boost confidence, and prepare your child for a successful academic journey. Don’t miss out on this chance to empower your child’s future.