Empowerment Classes

Empowerment Classes

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Our Empowerment Classes

With our empowerment classes, we strive to provide an opportunity for your child to discover their true potential and develop a sense of confidence. We offer endless topics that revolve around psychology, philosophy, life skills, financial literacy, responsibilities, habit forming, instilling confidence and building self-esteem so your child can achieve their goals.

The Program

Empowerment classes are offered on weekends to help build the character and physical strength of children between ages 7-12 (Kids Club) and 13-18 (Youth Club). Saturdays focus on developing strong moral principles while Sundays aim to equip them with knowledge regarding healthy eating habits and fitness. By participating in these activities, kids will be better equipped with a dauntless mindset for facing any challenge that may come their way!

Psychology in Our Classes

Our classes focus on helping children understand their emotions and how to manage them. Through our program children learn how to identify different feelings and why they might feel certain emotions or react in particular ways. We also teach them strategies to cope with anxiety and stress so they can build resilience when facing difficult situations. Equipping children with the knowledge to understand themselves better helps them become more confident in making decisions and setting goals for themselves.

Life Skills & Habits

We believe that helpful habits are essential for children to have as they grow up. That’s why our classes cover life skills such as communication techniques, problem-solving methods or time management strategies alongside forming good habits like healthy eating or regular exercise. All these aspects will help your child build better relationships with others as well as be successful both academically and professionally in the future.

Money Smart Skills & Responsibilities

Our classes also include financial literacy because it is important to understand how money works from early on in life. We want kids to be able to make smart decisions regarding money matters such as budgeting, saving or investing properly so that they can become financially independent when they get older. Furthermore, our classes emphasize responsibility when it comes to money use by teaching kids about delayed gratification or handling debt correctly if it arises at some point in the future.
This program is tailored for all ages — starting at early childhood — so it’s never too early to begin investing in your child’s character education! Our empowerment classes are designed with your child’s success in mind; we strive every day to ensure we are providing them with the right tools and resources needed for them to reach their full potential by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills while instilling a sense of confidence within them so they can excel in all areas of life! With us invested just as much as you are in your child’s development, you can rest assured that these programs will provide results!