Crafty Campers – 10 to 13yrs – Wk 1


Age: 10 to 13 yrs.
July 2nd- July 5th, 2024

Welcome to Crafty Campers, where pre-teens aged 10 to 13 dive into a world of artistic exploration! Join us for a week-long creative extravaganza filled with hands-on crafting, DIY projects, artistic expression, and friendships woven through a tapestry of imagination and innovation.

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Camp Overview:

Crafty Campers offers an immersive and dynamic creative haven for pre-teens aged 10 to 13. This camp is a vibrant canvas where young artists and craft enthusiasts explore a myriad of artistic mediums, from traditional crafts to modern DIY projects, fostering creativity and self-expression.


Program Highlights:

  1. Multi-Medium Crafting: Engaging workshops encompassing diverse crafting techniques such as painting, sculpting, textile arts, and mixed media creations, allowing campers to explore various artistic styles.
  2. DIY Masterpieces: Hands-on projects where pre-teens will unleash their creativity, designing and crafting their own unique pieces, from personalized accessories to functional items for everyday use.
  3. Artistic Exploration: Guided sessions to discover different art forms and styles from around the world, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and historical periods.
  4. Upcycling and Sustainability: Teaching the importance of sustainability through upcycling materials to create innovative and eco-friendly crafts, promoting environmental consciousness.
  5. Collaborative Creations: Group projects that encourage teamwork and cooperation, fostering social skills while creating larger, collective artworks.
  6. Guest Artist Sessions: Interactive sessions with guest artists or artisans, providing insights into their craft and offering inspiration to young creators.
  7. Exhibition and Showcase: Culminating in an exhibition where campers proudly display their creations, celebrating their artistic journey with friends and family.


Camp Benefits:

Creativity and Self-Expression: Encouraging individual expression and nurturing creative thinking through diverse art forms.

Skill Development: Building proficiency in various crafting techniques and fostering a sense of accomplishment through completed projects.

Community and Collaboration: Cultivating friendships and teamwork among peers through collaborative art endeavors.

Environmental Awareness: Promoting sustainability and resourcefulness through upcycling and eco-friendly crafting practices.


Safety Measures: Our camp ensures a safe environment with qualified staff trained in age-appropriate crafting techniques and implements safety protocols to create a secure and enjoyable crafting experience for all participants.


Crafty Campers is an inspiring journey where pre-teens explore their artistic passions, unleash their imagination, and craft lifelong memories through a tapestry of creativity. Join us for an enriching and imaginative artistic adventure!