Crafty Campers – Kids – Wk 6


Age: 6 to 10 yrs.
August 6th- August 9th, 2024

Unleash the creativity at Kids Crafty Campers! This imaginative camp, designed for children aged 6 to 10, invites budding artists and craft enthusiasts to explore a world of colors, textures, and endless possibilities. Through a variety of hands-on projects and artistic adventures, kids will craft memories and masterpieces that last a lifetime.

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Camp Overview:

Kids Crafty Campers is a vibrant and hands-on experience crafted for children aged 6 to 10, combining the joy of creativity with the excitement of exploration. This program celebrates the artistic spirit, encouraging kids to express themselves through a diverse range of crafts and projects.

Program Highlights:

Multi-Medium Art Studio:– Dive into a world of artistic expression using various mediums such as paint, clay, and mixed media.

– Explore different techniques and styles to unleash the inner artist in every child.

DIY Masterpieces:– Engage in exciting do-it-yourself projects, from personalized tote bags to custom-made jewelry.

– Encourage imaginative thinking and hands-on crafting to create unique and functional items.

Nature-inspired Crafts:– Take creativity outdoors with nature-inspired crafts using natural materials like leaves, twigs, and flowers.

– Foster an appreciation for the environment while crafting beautiful creations.

Crafty Science Adventures:– Combine art and science with crafty experiments, creating colorful reactions and artistic outcomes.

– Learn through hands-on activities that make science fun and engaging.

Collaborative Art Projects:– Work together on large-scale collaborative art projects, promoting teamwork and creativity.

– Create group masterpieces that reflect the collective imagination of the campers.

Themed Crafting Days:– Explore different crafting themes each day, from fantasy and space to animals and beyond.

– Tailor projects to match daily themes for a well-rounded and exciting crafting experience.

Camp Benefits:

Artistic Expression: Cultivate creativity and self-expression through a diverse range of art projects.

Fine Motor Skills: Enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through hands-on crafting.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Foster teamwork and social skills through collaborative art projects.

Exploration of Mediums: Introduce kids to various artistic mediums and techniques, expanding their artistic horizons.

Safety Measures: Kids Crafty Campers prioritizes the safety and well-being of every child, providing a supervised and secure environment for creative exploration.

Kids Crafty Campers offers a dynamic and inspiring environment where young artists can thrive, creating not only beautiful crafts but also lasting memories of a summer filled with imagination and creativity!


Safety Measures:

The Preteen Life Skills Camp prioritizes the safety and well-being of every participant. Our program includes:

Supervised Activities: Trained staff oversees all activities to ensure a secure environment.

Age-Appropriate Learning: Activities and lessons are tailored to the maturity level of preteens.

Health Checks: Daily health checks and adherence to health and safety guidelines.

Emergency Procedures: Clear protocols in place for any unforeseen circumstances.


Empower your preteen with the skills needed for a confident and self-sufficient future. Enroll them in the Life Skills Camp for a transformative week of learning, growth, and practical empowerment.