Crafty Campers – PRE- K – Wk 2


Age: 4 to 6 yrs.
July 8th- July 12th, 2024

Welcome to Crafty Campers for Little Ones! A colorful world of creativity awaits children aged 4 to 6. Join us for a week filled with delightful arts, crafts, and imaginative fun, nurturing young minds to explore, create, and bring their imagination to life!

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Camp Overview:  Crafty Campers for Little Ones is an enchanting and hands-on crafting adventure designed for preschoolers aged 4 to 6. This camp celebrates creativity, providing a playful environment where children can engage in a variety of artistic activities, fostering imagination and fine motor skills development.


Program Highlights:


  1. Arts and Crafts Galore: Engaging activities that encourage young crafters to explore various art mediums such as painting, drawing, collage making, and simple sculpture using child-friendly materials.


  1. Theme-Based Crafting: Daily themes inspire exciting crafts related to animals, nature, space, fairy tales, or seasons, sparking imagination and creativity in little ones.


  1. Storytime and Craft Integration: Interactive storytelling sessions followed by crafts related to the stories, connecting literacy with hands-on creativity.


  1. DIY Projects and Play: Simple do-it-yourself projects and games that stimulate imagination and ingenuity while allowing children to create toys or objects they can take home.


  1. Messy Art Fun: Exploration of messy art techniques like finger painting or sponge stamping, allowing kids to freely express themselves without worrying about perfection.


  1. Nature Inspired Crafts: Incorporating natural elements into crafts, such as leaf rubbings, flower collages, or twig sculptures, fostering an appreciation for nature’s beauty.


  1. Creative Play Stations: Rotation through play stations offering different craft materials, promoting exploration and creativity at various activity centers.


Camp Benefits:


Creativity and Imagination: Encouraging self-expression and imaginative thinking through diverse art and craft activities.

Fine Motor Skills Development: Enhancing hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills through hands-on crafting.

Social Interaction: Fostering social skills and cooperation through group activities and collaborative projects.

Confidence Building: Nurturing self-confidence by celebrating each child’s unique artistic creations and efforts.


Safety Measures: Our camp ensures a safe environment with age-appropriate crafting materials, supervision by trained staff, and safety protocols to create a secure and enjoyable crafting experience for the little ones.


Crafty Campers for Little Ones is an engaging and colorful journey where preschoolers explore their creativity, unleash their artistic talents, and delight in a world of imaginative crafting adventures!