Davinci Art Camp – 4 to 6 yrs. – Wk 8


Age: 4-6 yrs.
19th- August – 23rd August 2024

Ignite your little one’s creativity at the Pre-K Da Vinci Art Camp! Tailored for curious minds aged 4 to 6, this imaginative program introduces the wonders of art through hands-on activities inspired by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. From exploring colors to experimenting with different art techniques, this camp is designed to spark the artistic genius in your young artist.

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Camp Overview:

The Pre-K Da Vinci Art Camp is a captivating artistic adventure designed for young minds aged 4 to 6. Inspired by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, this program introduces the joy of art through age-appropriate activities, fostering creativity, and imaginative expression.


Program Highlights:


  1. Colors and Shapes Exploration:

Engage in playful activities exploring a spectrum of colors and various shapes.

– Introduce foundational concepts of art through interactive and fun learning.


  1. Experimentation with Art Techniques:

– Encourage artistic exploration by experimenting with different art techniques.

– Let your little one’s creativity soar as they try their hand at various methods inspired by Da Vinci.


  1. Nature and Science in Art:

Connect art with nature and science, mirroring Da Vinci’s fascination with the world around him.

– Engage in activities that merge creativity with an understanding of the environment.


  1. Mini Art Masterpieces:

Create mini art masterpieces using child-friendly materials.

– Explore the joy of self-expression and artistic accomplishment.


  1. Storytime Art Adventures:

Enjoy storytelling sessions that inspire art projects, connecting literature with creative expression.

– Foster a love for both storytelling and visual arts.


Camp Benefits:


Introduction to Art Concepts: Lay the foundation for art appreciation and understanding.


Creative Expression: Nurture the imaginative spirit through hands-on art activities.


Inspiration from Da Vinci: Introduce young minds to the artistic wonders inspired by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci.


Nature and Science Integration: Connect art with the world, exploring the intersection of creativity and natural science.


Enroll your little artist in the Pre-K Da Vinci Art Camp for a week of colorful exploration, creative expression, and artistic discovery. Inspired by the genius of Da Vinci, this camp promises to ignite a lifelong love for art in your young Da Vinci enthusiast!