Glow And Beauty Camp for Girls – Kids – Wk 2


Age: 6 to 10 yrs.
July 2nd- July 5th, 2024

Step into the world of glamour and confidence at the Glow and Beauty Camp for Girls, designed for ages 6 to 10. Join us for a week of fun, self-care, and empowerment where young girls explore inner beauty, confidence, and healthy beauty routines in a supportive and vibrant environment.

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Camp Overview:

The Glow and Beauty Camp for Girls is a uniquely crafted program focusing on self-expression, self-care, and inner confidence for girls aged 6 to 10. This camp offers a balance between fun beauty-related activities and empowering workshops aimed at nurturing self-esteem and positive body image.


Program Highlights:


  1. Beauty Basics Workshops: Engaging sessions on skincare, basic makeup techniques (age-appropriate), grooming, and personal hygiene, emphasizing the importance of self-care and healthy habits.


  1. Confidence Boosting Activities: Empowering workshops and activities promoting self-esteem, positive body image, and celebrating individuality to cultivate inner beauty and confidence.


  1. Fashion and Style Exploration: Creative sessions on styling, accessorizing, and dressing for different occasions, encouraging self-expression through personal fashion choices.


  1. DIY Spa and Self-Care: Relaxing spa sessions where girls create DIY face masks, bath bombs, and learn relaxation techniques, fostering a sense of well-being and self-pampering.


  1. Healthy Beauty Habits: Educational workshops on the importance of nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness for maintaining a healthy and radiant appearance.


  1. Empowerment Through Expression: Creative expression through arts and crafts activities that encourage girls to create beauty-related projects and express themselves artistically.


  1. Positive Affirmations and Mindfulness: Guided activities promoting positive affirmations, mindfulness exercises, and discussions on inner beauty, kindness, and empowerment.


Camp Benefits:


Self-Confidence: Building self-esteem and confidence through positive self-image reinforcement and self-care practices.

Healthy Beauty Education: Educating girls on safe and healthy beauty practices and promoting a positive relationship with personal appearance.

Empowerment and Individuality: Encouraging self-expression, celebrating uniqueness, and fostering a sense of empowerment.

Friendship and Support: Creating a supportive environment where girls bond, share experiences, and encourage one another.


Safety Measures: Our camp ensures a safe and inclusive environment, supervised by trained staff, using child-friendly beauty products and implementing safety protocols for all activities.


The Glow and Beauty Camp for Girls is an inspiring and empowering journey where young girls embrace their inner glow, cultivate confidence, and learn the importance of self-care, beauty, and individuality in a positive and supportive atmosphere.