Life Skills – 6 to 10 yrs. – Wk 8


Age: 6 to 10 yrs.
August 19th- August 23rd 2024

Empower your kids with essential life skills at our Kids Life Skills Camp! Tailored for children aged 6 to 10, this enriching program promotes independence and teaches age-appropriate chores. From making friends to instilling good study habits, this camp is designed to equip kids with practical skills for a confident and successful journey through childhood.

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Camp Overview:

The Kids Life Skills Camp is a dynamic and empowering program designed for children aged 6 to 10. Focused on promoting independence and instilling valuable life skills, this camp goes beyond traditional activities, offering hands-on experiences that prepare kids for various aspects of their journey through childhood.


Program Highlights:


  1. Promoting Independence:

– Cultivate a sense of independence through age-appropriate activities and challenges.

– Encourage decision-making and responsibility in a supportive and supervised environment.


  1. Age-Appropriate Chores:

– Teach kids practical skills through age-appropriate chores.

– Foster a sense of responsibility by engaging in hands-on tasks suitable for their developmental stage.


  1. Making Friends and Social Skills:

– Provide guidance on making friends and building positive social relationships.

– Engage in interactive activities to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.


  1. Study Habits and Time Management:

– Instill good study habits and effective time management skills.

– Help children develop a structured approach to homework and daily tasks.


  1. Problem-Solving Workshops:

– Engage in fun and interactive problem-solving workshops.

– Equip kids with critical thinking skills to approach challenges with confidence.


Camp Benefits:


Independence and Responsibility: Foster a sense of independence and responsibility through age-appropriate activities.


Practical Life Skills: Teach valuable life skills, including age-appropriate chores and time management.


Social Development: Provide guidance on making friends and building positive social relationships.


Problem-Solving Skills: Enhance critical thinking skills through interactive problem-solving workshops.


Safety Measures:

The Kids Life Skills Camp prioritizes the safety and well-being of every participant. Our program includes:

– Supervised Activities: Trained staff oversees all activities to ensure a secure environment.

– Age-Appropriate Learning: Activities and workshops are tailored to the developmental stage of children aged 6 to 10.


Enroll your child in the Kids Life Skills Camp for a week of engaging activities that promote independence, teach valuable life skills, and set the foundation for a confident and successful journey through childhood.