Life Skills Camp – 4 to 6 yrs – Wk 7


Age:  4 to 6 yrs.
August 12th- August 16th, 2024

Embark on a week of joyful discovery and empowerment at our Pre-K Life Skills Camp! Tailored for ages 4 to 6, this engaging program introduces foundational life skills through fun and age-appropriate activities. From refining gross motor skills to fostering socialization, building confidence, and celebrating individuality, our camp is designed to nurture young minds in a playful and supportive environment.

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Camp Overview:

The Pre-K Life Skills Camp is a delightful week-long adventure created for our youngest learners aged 4 to 6. This immersive program seamlessly blends play and practical activities to instill foundational life skills, refine gross motor skills, and empower children to confidently navigate their world.


Program Highlights:


  1. Dress-Up Extravaganza:

   – Explore creativity and self-expression through dress-up sessions featuring various costumes and outfits.

– Encourage imaginative play as children express themselves through different roles.


  1. Chores for Little Hands:

– Discover the world of responsibility with age-appropriate chores tailored for small hands.

– Foster a sense of accomplishment and teamwork as little ones engage in simple daily tasks.


  1. Getting Ready Sessions:

– Learn the joy of getting ready independently, from buttoning shirts to zipping up jackets.

– Develop self-sufficiency through guided activities that make the morning routine fun and empowering.


  1. Refining Gross Motor Skills:

   – Engage in dynamic activities that enhance gross motor skills, from fun exercises to interactive games.

– Foster physical development and coordination through age-appropriate movements.


  1. Socialization and Friendship Building:

– Practice kindness and teamwork through group activities that encourage socialization.

– Learn valuable social skills and how to make friends, creating a supportive and inclusive environment.



  1. Confidence-Building Strategies:

   – Develop strategies to boost confidence in every child, with tailored approaches for shy or reserved personalities.

– Encourage self-expression and participation, helping each child shine in their unique way.


Camp Benefits:


Early Independence: Introduce the concept of independence through playful and age-appropriate tasks.


Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Enhance fine and gross motor skills through dynamic and engaging activities.


Social Skills: Encourage teamwork, cooperation, and kindness through group interactions and play.


Confidence Building: Boost confidence through personalized strategies, drawing out the personality of even the shyest child.


Safety Measures:

The Pre-K Life Skills Camp prioritizes the safety and well-being of every child. Our program includes:


– Supervised Activities: Trained staff oversees all activities to ensure a secure environment.


– Age-Appropriate Learning: Activities and lessons are tailored to the developmental stage of pre-K children.


– Emergency Procedures: Clear protocols in place for any unforeseen circumstances.


Join us for a week of joyful learning, independence, and fun at the Pre-K Life Skills Camp. Enroll your little one for a delightful journey into early life skills, self-sufficiency, and the celebration of their unique personalities