Little Chefs Camp – 6-10 yrs – Wk 1


Age: 6-10 yrs
WEEK 1- July 2nd- 5th 2024

Step into the flavorful world of our Chef’s Delight Camp, a culinary haven designed for young aspiring chefs aged 6 to 10! In this immersive culinary adventure, kids embark on an exciting journey through diverse cuisines, mastering basic kitchen skills, creating mouthwatering dishes, and exploring the art of baking. With engaging cooking sessions, cultural cuisine explorations, and food art challenges, children will unleash their creativity, expand their palates, and gain a deeper appreciation for the culinary arts. Join us for a delectable exploration where budding chefs develop skills, savor new flavors, and craft their own delicious masterpieces.

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Camp Overview: 

Little Chefs Camp is a culinary wonderland designed to introduce children to the joys of cooking, baking, and exploring diverse cuisines. Tailored for ages 6 to 10, this immersive camp nurtures a love for food while instilling valuable kitchen skills and fostering creativity.


Program Highlights:

  1. Basic Kitchen Skills: From mastering safe knife techniques to understanding kitchen hygiene, children will learn fundamental skills essential for any aspiring chef.
  2. Creative Cooking Sessions: Engaging, interactive cooking sessions where young chefs will whip up a variety of dishes, exploring flavors from around the world under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  3. Baking Bonanza: Delve into the art of baking as kids create scrumptious pastries, bread, cookies, and more, learning the science behind baking while indulging their sweet tooth.
  4. Cuisine Exploration: Discover the diversity of global cuisines through themed days where kids will cook dishes from different cultures, expanding their palate and cultural awareness.
  5. Food Art and Presentation: Creative sessions where children transform ingredients into edible art, emphasizing the importance of presentation and aesthetics in cooking.
  6. Chef Challenges and Games: Fun challenges and cooking-related games that encourage teamwork, decision-making, and quick thinking in the kitchen.



Camp Benefits:

– Cooking Skills: Hands-on experience in cooking and baking techniques, building confidence in the kitchen.

Nutrition Awareness: Understanding the importance of balanced diets and healthy eating habits.

-Cultural Appreciation: Exposure to diverse cuisines, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.

-Creativity and Confidence: Encouraging creativity and boosting self-esteem through culinary achievements.


Safety Measures: Our camp prioritizes safety, implementing age-appropriate kitchen safety guidelines and supervision by trained staff to ensure a secure and enjoyable culinary experience for all participants.


Little Chefs Camp is a delectable journey where young culinary enthusiasts explore the art of cooking, unleash their creativity, and savor the joy of creating delicious dishes. Join us for a flavorful and enriching culinary adventure!