Master Chef -10 to 13 yrs. – Wk 8


Age: 10 to 13 Yrs.
August 19th- August 23rd, 2024

Welcome to Master Chef Camp for pre-teens, also known as our junior chef workshop for pre teens. In this dynamic cooking camp, young chefs learn essential culinary skills, table setting, and food presentation. Our cooking classes for pre teens guide them from appetizers to dinner, emphasizing the art of hosting. This kitchen class for pre-teens provides a full culinary experience where they enhance their cooking and hosting skills. Join our young chef cooking camp for a comprehensive introduction to culinary arts.

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Embark on a culinary journey like no other with our Master Chef Camp tailored for pre-teens. Designed to ignite a passion for cooking and hospitality, this camp provides a comprehensive learning experience that combines hands-on cooking sessions with essential lessons in etiquette and presentation.

Throughout the camp, our expert chefs guide campers through the ins and outs of the kitchen, teaching them fundamental cooking techniques and the secrets behind crafting mouthwatering dishes. From mastering knife skills to understanding flavor combinations, campers gain the confidence and skills needed to create culinary masterpieces.

But the Master Chef Camp isn’t just about cooking; it’s also about cultivating a sense of elegance and sophistication in hosting. Campers learn proper table manners, the art of setting up a table, and the importance of presentation in creating memorable dining experiences. Through interactive lessons and practice sessions, they develop an understanding of etiquette that extends beyond the kitchen and into everyday life.

Highlights of the Program:

1. Hands-On Cooking: Campers roll up their sleeves and dive into the kitchen, where they learn to prepare a wide range of recipes, from appetizers to dinner entrees. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, they develop culinary skills that will last a lifetime.

2. Etiquette Training: Campers are taught the importance of manners and hospitality, learning how to conduct themselves with grace and poise in social settings. From proper greetings to courteous dining habits, they emerge from the camp with newfound confidence in their ability to navigate any social situation.

3. Table Presentation: Presentation is key in the culinary world, and campers discover the art of plating and table setting. They explore various techniques for arranging dishes, garnishing plates, and creating visually stunning presentations that are sure to impress even the most discerning guests.

4. Fun and Friendship: Beyond the kitchen, campers forge lasting friendships as they work together to create delicious meals and memorable experiences. Through teamwork and collaboration, they develop communication skills and a sense of camaraderie that enriches their overall camp experience.

Join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure at Master Chef Camp, where pre-teens unleash their creativity, sharpen their culinary skills, and discover the joy of sharing delicious food with others.