Messy Scientists – Kids – Wk 3


Age: 6 to 10 yrs.
July 15th- July 19th, 2024

Dive into the Messy Scientists Camp—a wild and wacky adventure for kids aged 6 to 10! Join us for a week of hands-on experiments, colorful concoctions, and scientific fun that will spark curiosity, ignite creativity, and leave your young scientist eager for more messy discoveries!

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Camp Overview:

The Messy Scientists Camp is an exhilarating program designed for young scientists aged 6 to 10, offering an immersive and delightfully messy exploration into the wonders of science. Through a series of engaging experiments, interactive demonstrations, and imaginative projects, this camp aims to inspire a passion for discovery while embracing the chaos of scientific exploration.

Program Highlights:

  1. Slimy Adventures: Dive into the world of polymers and create various slime concoctions, exploring different textures, colors, and properties.
  1. Fizzing Marvels:> Experience the awe of fizzing marvels as young scientists explore the world of chemical reactions, creating captivating eruptions that bubble, fizz, and bring the enchantment of chemistry to life.
  1. Rainbow Reactions: Unleash the magic of chemical reactions by creating vibrant and colorful explosions, turning ordinary science into a visually stunning spectacle.
  1. Ooey-Gooey Chemistry: Explore the fun side of chemistry with gooey mixtures, bubbling potions, and surprising reactions that keep young scientists engaged and excited.
  1. Fizzing and Popping Physics: Dive into the world of physics with fizzy experiments, flying objects, and the science behind the pops, crackles, and fizzes.
  2. Messy Art Fusion: Combine science and art with messy art projects, using scientific principles to create unique and colorful masterpieces.
  3. Edible Science Creations: Experiment with the science of food by creating delicious and edible treats while learning about the chemistry of cooking.
  1. Outdoor Messy Challenges: Take the mess outdoors with water balloon experiments, messy relays, and collaborative challenges that make science a blast in the open air.


Camp Benefits:

– Hands-On Learning: Encouraging active exploration and hands-on experimentation to deepen understanding and curiosity.


– Creative Thinking: Fostering creativity as young scientists engage in messy, open-ended experiments that encourage out-of-the-box thinking.


– Scientific Principles: Introducing basic scientific principles through interactive and messy activities, making learning fun and memorable.


– Collaboration and Teamwork: Promoting teamwork and collaboration through group experiments and messy challenges that require cooperation.

Safety Measures: Our Messy Scientists Camp ensures a safe and supervised environment with age-appropriate materials, and safety protocols to make the messy science experience both thrilling and secure.


The Messy Scientists Camp promises a week filled with laughter, excitement, and discovery as young scientists dive into messy experiments, making learning an unforgettable and delightfully messy adventure!