Metamorphosis Camp for Boys – Pre-Teens – Wk 7


Age: 10 to 13 yrs.
 August 12th- August 16th, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey at our Pre-Teens Metamorphosis Camp for Boys! Tailored for ages 10 to 13, this empowering program is designed to help young boys navigate the changes of adolescence. Because boys and girls grow differently, transform bodies differently, and process feelings differently, at Empower Learning Centre, we take every small detail into account to ensure your child receives laser-focused guidance. Hosted by a male teacher, this camp recognizes the uniqueness of boys, teaching appropriateness and empowering them with the skills to navigate their journey of self-discovery. Sessions will also cover interactions with the opposite sex, guiding boys on how to behave, what to expect, and fostering positive relationships.

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Camp Overview:

The Pre-Teens Metamorphosis Camp for Boys is a unique and empowering experience designed for young individuals aged 10 to 13. This transformative program focuses on addressing the challenges of adolescence and guiding boys through a positive journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Understanding that boys and girls grow differently and process feelings uniquely, Empower Learning Centre ensures precise attention to every detail for targeted and effective guidance.


Program Highlights:


  1. Understanding Adolescence:

– Explore the physical, emotional, and social changes that accompany adolescence.

– Engage in discussions and activities that promote a healthy understanding of this transformative period.


  1. Building Resilience:

– Develop resilience in the face of challenges, fostering emotional well-being.

– Participate in team-building exercises and workshops to enhance coping skills.


  1. Self-Confidence Workshops:

– Boost self-confidence through tailored workshops and activities.

– Encourage positive self-image and the appreciation of individual strengths.




  1. Physical Wellness Sessions:

– Embrace the importance of physical well-being through age-appropriate exercises and activities.

– Learn about the significance of a healthy lifestyle and habits.


  1. Friendship and Social Skills:

– Navigate the complexities of friendships and social dynamics.

– Engage in group activities that promote teamwork, communication, and positive social interactions.


  1. Interactions with the Opposite Sex:

– Learn about appropriate behavior and expectations when interacting with the opposite sex.

– Foster positive relationships and mutual respect through guided discussions and activities.


Camp Benefits:


– Adolescent Guidance: Provide guidance and support through the transformative phase of adolescence.


– Resilience Building: Equip boys with tools to build resilience and face challenges with strength.


– Confidence Boost: Boost self-confidence and promote a positive self-image.


– Physical Wellness: Emphasize the importance of physical well-being for overall health.


Safety Measures:

The Pre-Teens Metamorphosis Camp for Boys prioritizes the safety and well-being of every participant. Our program includes:


– Supervised Activities: Trained staff oversees all activities to ensure a secure environment.


– Age-Appropriate Learning: Activities and discussions are tailored to the developmental stage of pre-teens aged 10 to 13.


– Health Checks: Daily health checks and adherence to health and safety guidelines.


– Emergency Procedures: Clear protocols in place for any unforeseen circumstances.


Enroll your pre-teen boy for a transformative experience at our Metamorphosis Camp. Hosted by a male teacher and crafted with attention to every detail, this empowering journey guides boys through adolescence with confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook on personal growth. Boys will be boys, but at Empower Learning Centre, they’ll be taught appropriateness, how to carry themselves, and how to foster positive relationships with the opposite sex.