Mystery and Detective Camp – 6 to 10 yrs. – Summer Camp


Age: 6 to 10 yrs.
July 22nd- July 26th 2024

Calling all young sleuths and investigators to Mystery and Detective Camp! Kids aged 6 to 10 are invited to embark on a thrilling week of solving mysteries, uncovering clues, and honing their detective skills through exciting challenges and adventures.

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Camp Overview:

Mystery and Detective Camp is an action-packed program designed for kids aged 6 to 10, providing an immersive experience into the world of mysteries and problem-solving. Participants will engage in a variety of detective-themed activities, building teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

Program Highlights:

  1. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI): Step into the shoes of a detective by examining mock crime scenes, collecting evidence, and solving mysteries using deductive reasoning.
  1. Cryptic Clue Challenges: Navigate through cryptic clues and puzzles, enhancing problem-solving skills and fostering a love for deciphering codes and secret messages.
  1. Scavenger Hunt Adventures: Embark on thrilling outdoor scavenger hunts, uncovering hidden clues and solving puzzles to reveal the secrets of the camp.
  1. Mystery Craft Workshops: Channel creativity into mystery-themed crafts, such as creating detective badges, spy gadgets, and disguises for a bit of imaginative play.
  1. Interactive Mystery Storytelling: Dive into captivating mystery stories where participants become characters, unraveling plots and solving mysteries as they explore different narrative scenarios.
  1. Fingerprint Analysis: Learn the art of fingerprint analysis and create a fingerprint database, enhancing observational skills and understanding the uniqueness of fingerprints.
  1. Detective Obstacle Course: Navigate through an exciting detective-themed obstacle course, combining physical activity with problem-solving challenges.

Camp Benefits:

Critical Thinking: Develop critical thinking skills through solving puzzles, decoding clues, and piecing together information to solve mysteries.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Foster teamwork and collaboration as participants work together to crack codes, solve challenges, and uncover mysteries.

Imagination and Creativity: Stimulate imagination and creativity through storytelling, crafts, and role-playing activities centered around detective adventures.

Observational Skills: Hone observational skills by examining details in crime scenes, clues, and solving mysteries through careful analysis.

Safety Measures: Our Mystery and Detective Camp prioritizes the safety of our young detectives, providing a secure environment and age-appropriate activities to ensure an enjoyable and secure detective experience.

Mystery and Detective Camp promises an exciting and educational journey for kids, where they can unleash their inner detectives, solve mysteries, and embark on thrilling adventures that will leave them with a newfound appreciation for problem-solving and teamwork!