Ocean Exploration – Pre-K – Wk 5


Age: 4 to 6 yrs.
July 29th- August 2nd 2024

Dive into the wonders of the deep blue sea at Ocean Exploration Camp for preschoolers! Join us for a week of aquatic adventures, where little explorers aged 4 to 6 will discover the magic of the ocean, meet fascinating marine creatures, and engage in creative activities that bring the ocean to life.

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Camp Overview:

Ocean Exploration Camp is a specially designed program for preschoolers aged 4 to 6, offering an exciting introduction to the mysteries of the ocean. Through interactive play, hands-on activities, and imaginative experiences, young adventurers will embark on a journey to explore the beauty and diversity of marine life.

Program Highlights:

     1. Underwater Puppet Theater: Dive into the enchanting world of the ocean with an underwater puppet theater. Watch as sea creatures come to life in a playful and interactive storytelling experience.

  1. Ocean Art Studio: Channel creativity into ocean-inspired art projects. From colorful fish to seaweed collages, preschoolers will bring the beauty of the ocean to the surface through their artistic creations.
  1. Shell and Sand Sensory Play: Engage in sensory exploration with shells, sand, and water. Little hands will sift through sand, discover different textures, and explore the treasures of the seashore.
  1. Ocean Animal Yoga: Join in on the fun with ocean-themed yoga poses. Preschoolers will mimic the movements of marine animals, promoting physical activity and enhancing flexibility in a playful manner.
  1. Seaside Scavenger Hunt: Take a beach-themed scavenger hunt, encouraging observation skills as preschoolers search for seashells, seaweed, and other treasures in a designated play area.

Camp Benefits:

Early Science Exploration: Introduce basic concepts of marine biology and oceanography through hands-on activities.

Imaginative Play: Foster creativity and imaginative play as preschoolers dive into the make-believe world of the ocean, complete with friendly sea creatures.

Sensory Development: Enhance sensory skills through tactile experiences with sand, shells, and water, promoting sensory exploration and awareness.

Social Interaction: Encourage socialization and teamwork through group activities, fostering a sense of community among young ocean explorers.


Ocean Exploration Camp promises a week filled with laughter, discovery, and hands-on learning for preschoolers, creating cherished memories of their first deep-sea adventure!