Science Quest Camp – 10-13 yrs – March Break


Age: 10-13 Years

March 11th- March 15th 2024

Embark on an exciting Science Quest Camp, designed for young minds aged 6 to 12! This innovative program merges the thrill of discovery with hands-on building, introducing campers to the wonders of science, basic chemistry, and the fundamental laws of physics. Join us for a week of scientific exploration and invention!

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Camp Overview:

The Science Quest Camp is a dynamic and immersive experience curated for curious minds aged 6 to 12. This engaging program seamlessly blends scientific discovery with hands-on building activities, offering a week of exploration into the realms of chemistry and physics.


Program Highlights:

  1. Invention Workshops:

– Engage in hands-on invention workshops, where campers brainstorm, design, and build their own creations.

– Foster creativity and problem-solving skills through collaborative and individual projects.


  1. Introduction to Chemistry:

– Explore the basics of chemistry through age-appropriate experiments and demonstrations.

– Witness fascinating chemical reactions and understand the principles behind them.


  1. Physics Exploration:

– Delve into the fundamental laws of physics through interactive sessions and experiments.

– Engage in activities that demonstrate concepts such as gravity, motion, and simple machines.


  1. Building Challenges:

– Participate in building challenges that apply scientific principles to real-world scenarios.

– Enhance engineering skills and teamwork through creative construction projects.


  1. Scientific Demonstrations:

– Experience captivating scientific demonstrations that bring concepts to life.

– Enjoy interactive sessions where campers can ask questions and further explore their scientific curiosity.


Camp Benefits:

Hands-On Learning: Promote active learning through hands-on building and scientific experiments.

Creativity Enhancement: Stimulate creativity and innovation through invention workshops and challenges.

Science Exploration: Introduce campers to the fascinating worlds of chemistry and physics in an accessible and engaging manner.

Teamwork and Problem-Solving: Foster teamwork and critical thinking skills through collaborative building challenges.


Safety Measures:

The Science Quest Camp prioritizes the safety and well-being of every child. Our program includes:

Supervised Activities: Trained staff oversees all experiments and building activities to ensure a secure environment.

Safe Materials: Use of age-appropriate, non-toxic materials for all experiments and construction projects.

Health Checks: Daily health checks and adherence to health and safety guidelines.

Emergency Procedures: Clear protocols in place for any unforeseen circumstances.


Join us for a week of scientific discovery, invention, and exploration at the Science Quest Camp. Enroll your young scientist for a journey into the fascinating realms of chemistry, physics, and hands-on building!