Space Exploration Camp – 4-6 yrs – Wk 1


Age: 4-6 yrs
WEEK 1- July 2nd- 5th 2024

Join us on an intergalactic journey at Mini Astronauts: Exploring the Universe! This stellar camp, tailor-made for inquisitive 4 to 6-year-olds, is a cosmic playground where budding astronauts will discover the wonders of space. Through a galaxy of activities including astronaut training simulations, crafting their very own solar systems, launching rockets, and unraveling the secrets of the night sky, your little explorer will embark on an adventure of astronomical proportions. Our program fosters curiosity, scientific discovery, and creativity, ensuring a captivating and safe environment where young minds can soar among the stars. At Mini Astronauts, we aim to ignite a lifelong passion for space exploration in your child while fostering friendship, imagination, and a love for the cosmos.

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Camp Overview: Mission Name: Mini Astronauts: Exploring the Universe!

Embark on a thrilling cosmic adventure designed specifically for young, budding space enthusiasts. Our camp offers an immersive, hands-on experience aimed at nurturing curiosity and passion for space exploration. Through interactive activities, games, and experiments, children will delve into the wonders of our universe, fostering a love for astronomy, spacecraft, and the mysteries beyond our planet.


Program Highlights:

  1. Stellar Storytime: Through captivating storytelling sessions, kids will journey through the cosmos, exploring planets, stars, and galaxies while discovering fascinating space facts.
  2. Create Your Solar System: Using craft materials, children will craft their own miniature solar systems, learning about each planet and its unique characteristics.
  3. Space Science Experiments: Engaging, age-appropriate experiments will unravel the science behind space phenomena like gravity, rocket propulsion, and the behavior of celestial bodies.
  4. Rocket Building and Launching: Budding engineers will design and construct their own simple rockets, culminating in a thrilling launch experience, igniting their curiosity in space travel.
  5. Constellation Exploration: Kids will explore the night sky, identifying and creating constellations, learning the stories behind these stellar patterns.
  6. Space-themed Arts and Crafts: From creating alien masks to designing spaceships, artistic activities will channel their creativity into cosmic masterpieces.


Camp Benefits:

Hands-On Learning: Activities designed to engage young minds through interactive and stimulating experiences.

STEM Enrichment: Introduction to basic scientific concepts in astronomy, physics, and engineering in a fun and accessible way.

Imagination and Creativity: Encouraging creativity through space-themed arts, crafts, and storytelling.

Teamwork and Social Skills: Collaborative activities fostering teamwork and communication among peers.




Exploring the Universe is a fantastic opportunity for young space enthusiasts to ignite their passion for space, science, and exploration in a fun, educational, and safe environment. Join us for an out-of-this-world experience!